Haderslev Fjernvarme

Client Case

The challenge

Haderslev Fjernvarme was challenged by the need to document how many hours were spent on the different central units.

The solution

EazyProject offers the opportunity to see the workload for individual employees from their work tasks.

EazyProject's greatest strength

From the start, EazyProject has been a good, decisive collaborative partner

Throughout the whole process we have been very satisfied with EazyProject. They are always quick to ‘take action’ when we have questions or require changes.
Jacob Siebers,

Haderslev-Fjernvarme has been an EazyProject customer since 2013.

The challenge
Haderslev Fjernvarme was challenged by the need to document how many hours were spent on the different central units. In this connection they also needed to know the size of the workload the individual employee had from the various tasks.

Among employees, there was also a great desire to be able to document what tasks each of them had and how much time these required.

Up until then, Haderslev Fjernvarme had used different Excel spreadsheets, but an increasing amount of tasks made it impossible to form an overview. Both management and employees thus requested a system that could provide a complete overview and more efficient scheduling.

The solution
According to Jacob Siebers, Haderslev Fjernvarme chose EazyProject over bigger, more polished systems because it is a flexible and user-friendly system that quickly provides an overview of tasks and resource consumption. EazyProject also offers the potential to see the size of the workload the individual employee has from their tasks.

Jacob Siebers explains how, in close cooperation with EazyProject, Haderslev Fjernvarme has adapted the system so it matches their industry-specific needs.

The process and collaboration with EazyProject
Haderslev Fjernvarme has been working with the solution since January 2013 and, according to Jacob Siebers, ‘got off to a good start.’ ‘From the very start, EazyProject has been a good and decisive collaborative partner, so from the day we chose the hosting solution until we received training and got started on it was not more than a couple of weeks.’

The expectations
Haderslev Fjernvarme expects that from now on it will have a better overview of what has been spent in terms of time and resources in different areas, and that EazyProject will thus contribute towards making their daily work more efficient.

EazyProject App
With the EazyProject App technicians can obtain access to EazyProject quickly and easily, see which tasks need completing, whether new tasks have arrived over the course of the day, and find address information on the consumers that need servicing.

This gives technicians greater flexibility, in that they do not need to have telephone contact with the office but can check things themselves via their smartphones.

As soon as a task is completed, the employee can register their hours via the EazyProject App. The app is easy to use and does not require any kind of updating, as everything is done automatically.

Read more about EazyProject App here

Jacob Siebers,
// Haderslev Fjernvarme

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