Company profile

EazySoft – a software house in growth

I founded EazySoft in 2002, I was 24 years old and had a clear vision about web based business software being the future.

We have ever since the start up of the company developed software for project management, resource management and time registration.

Focus has always been high customer satisfaction, ease of use, speed and flexible software.

In 2004 we launched our first commercial solution Dynamic Order.
The solution was 100% online which was pretty unique in 2004 and a huge sales parameter.
We still have cutomers from 2004 on Dynamic Order and that means they have been online on the same solution for 14 years.

The first EazyProject version was launched in 2008 and several of our customers has therefore had 10 year anniversary on this solution.

Today we have more than 10.000 users and with apps for both Android and iOS and user interfaces in Danish and English among others our software is used from most parts of the World.

All EazySoft’s employees are located at our amazing office in the center of Roskilde.
Here we manage sales, development and support in close dialog with our customers.

Even though the number of employees keeps growing I still focus on maintaining and further develop an entrepreneur culture where all ideas are welcome and there is not far from thought to action.

Welcome to EazySoft..

Kenneth Holmskov Larsen

Founded in 2002

Gazelle award in

Bisnode AAA rating

More than 10.000 users globally

Some photos from the office in Roskilde