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Targeted and well-tested

Time and Task Management

Since 2004, EazyProject has enjoyed close cooperation with various consultancy companies. We can thus offer a targeted and well-tested industry solution for the consultancy sector.

Our goal is that consultants, employees, partners and the finance department always have the correct tools and figures available to them.

We ensure that it is easy and simple to use EazyProject, so that you and your business achieve the greatest possible value from our solution.

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Previously we used spreadsheets, but now, with the help of EazyProject, we achieve more precise knowledge about all of our projects and resources, both in the short and long term.
Kim Glenert,
Cryptera A/S

The partner and the financial officer

Follow the entire operation

When an employee registers hours, expenses and mileage, you as a partner or financial officer can follow the project’s (and the company’s) status and key figures – in real-time.

How are the different types of projects progressing – and which of them are we earning money on?

Budgets, time registration and expenses – which tasks are on track and which are not?

When will we have time to take on more projects – and how many staff should we hire if new projects are to be started up?

Overview of holidays, absences and flex accounts.

Integration with the most used finance and payroll systems.
Design invoice templates and use different invoicing companies in the same solution.

Electronic invoicing directly from EazyProject to your customer.

The project manager

Full control over finances

As project manager you can create a good overview of your projects with relatively few elements. You have full control of the finances and employee scheduling for the project.

The ongoing planning takes place via ‘drag & drop’, where you plan the workload based on availability, competencies, department, holiday, absences etc. – and can immediately see the consequences of what you have planned.

If the project is delayed, or if more hours are spent than those budgeted, the consequences can be seen right away.

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The consultant

Overview of deadlines

As a consultant it should be easy to register hours, expenses and mileage as well as to plan your holiday and time off in lieu.

You also need to have a full overview of your own tasks and deadlines.

You can access all the information via mobile phone or the EazyProject website – and with just a few clicks you can register your hours and mileage via your  timesheet or expenses for the company. You also have the opportunity to take a picture of your receipt and add this to your expenses (via App for Apple or Android).

With EazyProject you always have a complete overview of the things that are relevant to you:

  • What have I spent time on in a task?
  • What expenses have I accrued?
  • What mileage have I driven in my own car?
  • What have I registered in hours in a particular week on the various projects?
  • How many hours do I have left on a task before the budget has been spent?


Full view of all data

Get the visual overview of all data and information gathered in one Dasboard. Detailed column and pie charts make it easy to follow both resources, projects and budgets.

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