A simple App for Time Tracking

Use your mobile phone as a tool

Eazyproject app for time tracking
Eazyproject app for time tracking
Our consultants have never found it easier to register their hours – also on their phones when they are out and about.
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Stine Osted,
Service Manager // TestHuset A/S

Easy and simple

Quick registrations

EazyProject App for time registration is designed so that you can register your hours, mileage and expenses quickly and easily when you are on the go. You get an overview of hours spent, flex accounts and daily averages, and the app includes a stopwatch that enables extremely precise time registrations.

To get the most out of your EazyProject Time Tracking App, you can either download a free demo or sign up as a user in our system. See our prices here.

The EazyProject App is free and can be downloaded for both iOS and Android.

Tidsregistrering via Google Play Tidsregistrering via App Store

Countless oppertunities

Approve right away

  • Enter registrations both online and offline
  • Approve a day immediately
  • Enjoy automatic synchronisations
  • Register hours, mileage and expenses
  • Attach pictures even when you are offline
Mileage in eazyproject app

Always accessible

Online and offline

EazyProject’s App for time registration offers the most flexible solution when you need quick access to time registration, mileage, expenses, viewing work tasks, closing cases and much more.

If you need to register hours in areas with poor mobile coverage, you can use the EazyProject App to support offline (and online) time registration.

The app saves your time registrations on the mobile phone and synchronises them with your EazyProject solution as soon as there is data coverage or when you wish to synchronise.

The synchronisation is an ‘intelligent’ function so you will rarely notice whether you are using it online or offline.

My hours

Use the web browser

Access to all of EazyProject

The EazyProject Web App offers functionality across platforms and supports the majority of smartphones on the market.

Enter the day’s hours spent via the user-friendly ‘slider function’ or directly into the daily calendar.

If you work on many small tasks of a shorter duration, you will find it advantageous to use the stopwatch.

Via their mobile, the individual employee has the opportunity to:

  • See what tasks are planned and when
  • Use the Time Registration App with slider function
  • Add notes on individual tasks
  • Register expenses
  • Register mileage
  • Plan holidays and absences
  • See an overview of holiday accounts, earned and taken time off in lieu and much more.

EazyProject allows you to work together as a team

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