Offers and orders

Share your data

Gain access to each other's offerings

Get an overview

The EazyProject Finance Modul are able to manage Offers and Orders in a new and intuitive way. All employee with relevance gets a good view and access to each other’s offerings.

You will get:

  • Quick overview of offers
  • Online access to all offers and orders
  • Weighting of offers – ‘chance for success’
  • User friendly system
  • Create from item catalog
  • Create client discount

Easy templates

An overall view of the company’s offer and order mass in real time, gives a clear picture of the company’s activities. This information can be accessed by all relevant employees.

An offer can be created in a very short time using a copy function. Older offers or offer templates are copied with a single click for a new offer.

All offers and orders can be saved as PDF files or sent as email directly from the system.

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