Resource Planning

Schedule your resources across projects and tasks


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Besides the financial rewards, we can also use EazyProject as a scheduling tool.
Rune Overlade,
Operation and Construction Center // Slagelse Municipality
Planning Pro EazyProject

Planning Pro

Gain a visual overview

With Planning Pro you can quickly schedule your employees across projects and tasks.

You plan visually in a user-friendly ‘cockpit’ with drag & drop – now you can finally stop entering figures into an Excel-resembling display.

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Calendar management

Plan all your resources

EazyProject offers the opportunity for detailed calendar management that is fully integrated with EazyProject project and resource management.

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Holidays and absences

Complete solution

EazyProject is a complete solution for registering holidays and absences. The user-friendly display allows employees to enter holidays and absences quickly and easily. Rules applicable in foreign countries can also be processed.

  • User-friendly holiday and absence solution
  • See your personal holiday account – online & mobile versions
  • Planning in relation to public holidays
  • Overview of holidays, absences and holiday requests
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Powerful software for you and your business


All data and information

EazyProject Dashboard is a visual information tool that shows all your data in different diagrams. This enables you to access your desired data extremely quickly while also retaining an overview.

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