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EazyProject Dashboard is a visual information tool that shows all your data in different diagrams. This enables you to access your desired data extremely quickly while also retaining an overview.

The dashboard is the most effective way of keeping track of and managing your reports, time, budget etc. in one place. Through different widgets and features you have direct access to all of EazyProject’s solutions and data, from scheduling, budgets, invoicing and Gantt to your personal holiday and absence account.  


Widgets and Features

Under ‘role setup’ it’s possible to turn relevant widgets on and off, both for the individual project manager and employee or across the organisation.

You can adapt the dashboard for the individual user, thereby giving them access to the data relevant to them.

Different roles and widgets


Invoicing per month
Invoicing level
Invoicing level – all
Top 10 customers

Project manager

Over/Under Eac
Over/Under Eac for project manager
Projects for project manager
‘RAG status’ in projects


Time registration



Each project is displayed as a point, whereby the size of each point shows the relative DB factor (own fee divided by production cost hours). The larger the point, the higher the DB factor.

Invoices and credit notes


The graph shows the total invoicing month by month for both the current financial year and the previous year. The bar chart for invoicing, month by month, is broken down into total invoiced and invoiced as own fee. The curve shows the accumulated invoices.

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