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How much does EazyProject cost?

Your price incl. email, phone and chat support
79 DKK
Time Registrant per month
189 DKK
User licence per month
Additional modules
Project module Finance module Industry module
EazyProject Business (standard)
  • Dashboard with widgets
  • Integrations and API
  • Time registration – online and App
  • Flex, holidays and absences
  • Expenses, mileage, approval
  • Projects and tasks
  • Calendar
  • Organisational hierarchy

Add extra modules for your solution

Project module
  • Gantt Pro
  • Kanban
  • Planning Pro
  • Resource reports
  • Portfolios
Finance module
  • Invoicing with EAN
  • Rates
  • Budget Pro and EAC
  • Distribution fee
  • Multicompany
  • Industry reports
Industry module
  • Case economy
  • In progress
  • Stages and factors
  • Own reports
  • Industry reports

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Brugerlicens eller tidsregistranter

What you should choose

User licence or time registrant

As a user of EazyProject you have the opportunity to choose between two different licences.

The user licence is typically used by a manager or an administrator and gives access to everything in the selected modules, incl. time registration.


The time registrant licence is typically used by employees who only need to register hours, expenses and mileage.

Online-booking video booking

Call on + 45 53 54 55 65

Order a free presentation

An online presentation will quickly help you determine whether EazyProject is relevant for you and your company.

How it works
Via a video sharing program, an employee will go through the most relevant features in EazyProject for you and your company.

The presentation takes around 30-45 minutes and you are welcome to ask questions directly to the employee.

Call on + 45 53 54 55 65 or send an email to

We look forward to speaking with you!

All there is to know

about EazyProject solution

What is EazyProject?
EazyProject is an online project management tool that gives you and your company a complete overview of all your projects and tasks, employees, staffing, hours, budgets, scheduling etc. All data that is relevant to the individual project is collected in a visual software package where you have full control over the entire project.

How do I purchase EazyProject?
All you need to do is contact us, either on tel.: +45 53 54 55 65 or by sending us an email at From there we can help you to choose the correct solution for your company. Once you have ordered EazyProject, you will be sent a licence agreement. You and your employees will then be set up in the system, and each of you will receive a personal login.

How do I know what the right solution is for me?
As we deliver to different industries and companies, we have different solutions combined in one product. You are always welcome to contact us for a free online presentation of EazyProject if you are uncertain as to which solution you should choose.

Does EazyProject require any installation?
As EazyProject is online based, it does not require any installation or downloading.

For how long am I tied to my subscription?
When you order EazyProject, you are tied for 3 months. Once the 3 months have passed, your subscription will be automatically extended for another 3 months, providing it has not been terminated.

How many licences can I set up?
As many as you need. EazyProject offers tailored solutions for everything from the small business to the large group company.

How do I access EazyProject?
You can log in to EazyProject in all web browsers as long as you are online.

Which languages are supported by EazyProject?
Danish and English

How often is EazyProject updated?
We are a software company with a focus on development. This means that there will often be new features and updates that make the solution faster and more user-friendly.

How do I get started with EazyProject?
When you are an EazyProject customer, we offer workshops tailored to you and your business. Workshops can also be held online. Support is found here on the website via our support centre, where you can find our telephone number, live chat, support email and general guidance for each individual tool in EazyProject.
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EazyProject mobile phone App

How does the EazyProject App work?
Our mobile app is designed for time registrants, where you have the opportunity to register hours, mileage and expenses. If you need to work with our other solutions in the system you can also access these via your web browser on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Where can I get the EazyProject App?
You can get the EazyProject App from both Google Play and App Store.

EazyProject allows you to work together as a team