Privacy Policy

In connection with your ordering of your demo or registration of email for newsletters, we will here draw attention to how your data is processed.

Potential customers (leads) are allowed to order and test our demo on EazyProject’s website before purchase. In connection with the creation of a demo, we register name, username, email, company, role in the company and industry for the company. In addition, a telephone number can be voluntarily provided.

All orders expire automatically after 14 days, after which the user cannot sign in.

All data in the demo (both user data, app and database) is permanently deleted after 21 days.

You have the option of anonymizing your data in the demo via the user creation.

E-mail is used to send newsletters, tips, tricks and invitations to the user after the demo has been ordered.

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Privacy Policy and
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Newsletter and email
Your contact information is collected in hubspot (crm) and in a hosted mysql database (Simply) and is not crossed with other data.

You are able to unsubscribe emails at any time by clicking “unsubscribe” directly in an email.

All your personal data for a demo order can be deleted by sending an email to

The Email registration for newsletters, is used to send out newsletters and offers.

Pass on data
We do not pass on any of your data.
We use external companies to host our systems. These sub-processors only process personal data according to our instructions, and in accordance with the statutory requirements for data processors.

GDPR agreements have been entered into with our sub-processors.