The project managers all-in-one project management tool

Project management tool with Gantt
Agile project management with Kanban
Ressource management and project finance


Gantt chart

EazyProject’s Gantt chart is a unique project management tool for the project manger who is looking for a visual view of projects, tasks and resources.

The Gantt chart shows the time schedule for the project and the order of the tasks can be shown with the wbs numbers for further ease of use.

At the same time you get a complete overview of deadlines and milestones, you can take a snapshot with the included baseline management tool and you can easily connect tasks and create the critical path.


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Gantt online

Kanban board

EazyProject Kanban is a super flexible and visual tool to organize and share tasks and processes.

The Kanban tool is directly integrated in the EazyProject Time registration and there is a red thread through task management in Kanban to planning, time registration and reporting in EazyProject.


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kanban tavle

Project finance

EazyProject contains all the necessary tools and reports to give a complete overview and insight in the project finance.

Project budgets, cost-benefit, KPIs, profitability and much more are available information in the many different reports in EazyProject.

Whether you are an employee, project manager, CFO or a part of the management you will find relevant and user friendly reports.

projektstyring med projektøkonomi gantt

Portfolio management

EazyProject’s portfolio management is a unique project management tool that offers user friendly and flexible portfolio reports.

The management and the project manager get an easy tool for strategic management and overview of all the project activities.

Upcoming and ongoing projects can easily be prioritized through simple screenshots that show project status in real time.

Your business can therefore focus on what is important.


Organization and role management

EazyProject Organizational chart makes it possible to limit the employees access to data according to the business’ organizational structure.

EazyProject is built around a central and logical role management module which makes it possible to adjust the rights in the system down to user level – even our apps use the role management.



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