Project planning with Drag & Drop

User friendly software for project planning
Quick planning with drag & drop
Planning according to leave and absence
Planning according to skills and competences

Planning Pro

With Planning Pro you can plan your employees super fast across projects and tasks.

You plan visually in a user friendly “cockpit” with drag & drop – so the days are finally over where you type in a Excel kind of worksheet.


Planlægning med drag & drop
Rune Overlade Slagelse Kommune, Drift og Anlægscentret

In addition to the financial gain we can also use EazyProject as a planning tool, and in that way do everything we can in order to avoid bottlenecks and overworked employees in our organization.

Calendar planning

  • Project planning tool with drag & drop
  • Planning of projects and tasks
  • Planning with drag & drop
  • Planning in hours or days according to timebudget or workhours
  • Planning according to leave and holidays
  • Planning according to skills and competences

kalender med drag and drop

Project planning

  • Predict bottlenecks and avoid that they occur
  • Plan projects and tasks much more precist
  • Plan according to leave and holidays
  • Plan according to skills and competences

projektplan med drag and drop

Resource plan

  • Complete tool for resource management
  • Overview of all resources in your business
  • Optional colours improves usability
  • Many display- and filtration options


Leave and absence

  • User friendly leave- and absence solution
  • View of personal leave balance – online and mobile
  • Plan according to holidays
  • Overview of leave, absence and leave requests

Ferie- og fraværsmodul

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