Time tracking software

Easy and very quick time tracking
Type in hours on a computer, tablet or smartphone
Flextime management and flextime reports in real time


Software for time tracking

EazyProjects Time tracking system offers simpel and quick entering of time consumption, mileage, expenses etc.

Newest technology always gives the employee the best and fastest user experience.

The time registration can be performed when it suits you – and we have made it easy by offering a number of different ways to access EazyProject.

The easier and quicker the time registration can be performed, the more frequent and more precise the registrations will be.


Time registration for different purposes

For some the time registration is used for re-invoicing and therefore har great requires according to reports, documentation and integration to the specific invoice.

Others use our software for managing flextime and absence and are using the flexible flextime module or absence module.

We also have a customer group which uses the time registrations for paying wages – these customers will typically have en integration to their wage- or finance system.

Common to all our customers are that they find our software simple and convenient to use – even with many tasks and great complexity.

Tidsregistrering App Android

Possibilities of time tracking

  • Internet browser
  • iOS App
  • Android App
  • WebApp (Internet browser on smartphone)
  • Tablets with App or browser
  • Punch/timer through internet-browser
  • Punch/timer through App
  • Punch/timer through webApp (Internet browser on smart phone)

Stine Osted Service Manager, TestHuset A/S

It has never been easier for our consultants to register work time - also through their iPhone when they are on the move


  • Simple and quick timesheet
  • View of flextime and task totals in the timesheet
  • Type your hours by computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Type your hours as “consumption of hours” or “come and go”
  • Leave- and absence management

Timeseddel Online og App

Flextime system

Complete solution for flextime management that supports both simple and more complex flextime rules.

User friendly screen images both online and mobile give the employee the possibility of register time and view the flextime in real time.

Reports show flextime balance across employees, teams and departments.

Leave- and Absence management

Employees can monitor their balances.

What have I earned, what have I transferred, what has been held, what have I scheduled and what do I have left?

Simple overview of what is left of “not planned leave” so it is possible to plan around the fact that everybody is on leave in April.

The possibility of manager approved absence and user friendly absence calendar.

Ferie- og fraværsstyring

Online and offline through smartphone

EazyProject offers mobile time registration through an app to iOS and Android or a WebApp to iOS and Android.

If you have to register time in areas with poor mobile coverage you can use the EazyProject app which both supports online and offline time registration.

Automatic synchronization

The app saves your time registrations on the smartphone and synchronizes with EazyProject as soon as it gets mobile coverage or when you want it.

The synchronization works so intelligent that you rarely will notice if you are online or offline.

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Timeregistrering app

"Come and go" registration

  • “Come and go” registration online
  • Calculate flextime according to “come and go” registration
  • Type “come and go” or use the timer
  • Handelling of leave and absence

komme-gå tid

Expenses and mileage

  • Simple and quick registration of expenses
  • Take photos with your smartphone and attach them easily to the expense registration
  • Simple two-step approval flow
  • Travel expenses are easily “posted” on the projects
  • Register through computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Both online and offline through app

rejseafregning og udlæg

Reports for all purposes

  • Flexible and fast generated time reports
  • Possibility of development of own reports
  • Choose between graphs, numbers, tables and much more
  • Export data to Excel, .pdf, .csv, .xml and much more
  • Export to wage- and finance systems

timerapporter og grafer

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