Organisation and role management

Decide exactly what each role will have access to

Organisation Diagram

The brand new feature Organisation Diagram makes it possible to restrict employees’ access to data in select reports according to the company’s organisational structure.

This means that a head of department only has access to the data in the reports that concern his or her department and sub-departments, while the person in charge of the company has complete access.

Role management and access control

EazyProject is built up as a central and logical role management module, which allows you to adjust the permissions in the solution for each individual team, department or employee.

Each employee is only presented with the functions and opportunities relevant to them, which makes the system extremely clear and easy to use – regardless of whether you use a large or small part of the solution.

  • Create and name an unlimited number of roles
  • Decide exactly what each role will have access to
  • Adjust the menu structure for each role
  • Assign one/several roles to one employee
  • Only show screen displays that are relevant to each individual user
  • Simplifies implementation and day-to-day use
  • Role management also works on the EazyProject App

Example of roles

Adjust your role management easily in EazyProject

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