Project Management

How to create a milestone

Milestones can be created and maintained in two places in EazyProject – in the project form and in the Gantt card.

In connection with the creation of tasks in the project form, it is possible to mark a milestone. If this is checked, the end date of the task is changed to be identical to the start date and the end date cannot now be corrected.

A milestone can be staffed and it is possible to time register on a milestone.

Create a milestone in the Gantt card

Under the menu item Projects & Tasks you can add a task in the Gantt card and here it is possible, in the same way as described above, to create a milestone.

Milestones are maintained in the same way as other tasks.

In the Gantt card it is possible to show a milestone plan for one or more projects.

Click here for more information about the Gantt card.

If milestones are created on a project, a Todo for future milestones will be created on the customer’s Todo under the menu item customers. The milestones are shown only to the project participants.

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