Gives precise records

Time registration

A quick and simple tool that allows you to register hours, outlay and mileage.

A quick and simple interface


EazyProject’s time registration system offers a simple interface for entering hours, mileage, outlay, travel expenses etc.

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Our consultants have never found it easier to register their hours – also via their smartphones when they are on the go.
Stine Osted,
Service Manager // TestHuset A/S

EazyProject App

Quick and easy

EazyProject offers mobile time registration via an app for iPhone and Android or via the mobile Web App for iPhone and Android.

If you need to register hours in areas with poor mobile phone coverage, you can use the EazyProject app, which supports both online and offline time management.

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As tasks are visibly displayed on the mobile phone, things can be taken care of right away, as EazyProject effectively pairs up tasks with the employees that are available.
Per Ask Sørensen,
Building manager // Domea Solrød

Clock-in and clock-out times

Different needs

As all businesses have different approaches to time registration, we have developed a very flexible approach to registering when people clock in and clock out.

  • Calculate flex hours based on clock in-clock out
  • Enter clock-in and clock-out times or use the stop watch
  • Handling absences and holidays
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Outlays and mileage

Attach expenses

An expense could be meal allowances, overtime, tickets, miscellaneous expenses or materials.

  • Quick and easy handling of outlays and expenses
  • Take pictures with your smartphone and attach them easily to an expense
  • Simple two-step approval flow
  • Travel and other expenses are ‘posted’ easily on projects
  • Enter via computer, tablet or mobile phone
  • Both online and offline via App
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In a fast and flexible way

A Report generator

Graphs and EU reports

EazyProject includes an innovative report generator that enables employees to compile their own reports pretty much as they wish.

Furthermore, EazyProject offers a wide range of standard reports for many different purposes.

  • Flexible and rapid reports for all purposes – in real-time
  • EU hourly reports
  • Opportunity to develop own reports
  • Filter, sort and export with just a few clicks
  • Flexible graph module
  • Print out reports to PDF or Excel
  • Choose between graphs, figures, tables etc.
  • Export to Excel, PDF, CSV, XML etc.

Filtering and sorting

All time registrations can be entered into user-friendly reports across customers, projects, employees, periods etc.

A central report generator ensures that the user can compile his or her own reports and extracts.

The report generator also provides the opportunity to compile data in bar and pie charts.

The solution also includes special reports for different purposes.
These include flex reports, EU hourly reports, weekly reports, portfolios, detailed project reports, to name just a few.

One product with countless possibilities