Report generator

Fast and Flexible

Graphs and EU reports

EazyProject includes an innovative report generator that enables employees to compile their own reports pretty much as they wish.

Furthermore, EazyProject offers a wide range of standard reports for many different purposes.

  • Flexible and rapid reports for all purposes – in real-time
  • EU hourly reports
  • Opportunity to develop own reports
  • Filter, sort and export with just a few clicks
  • Flexible graph module
  • Print out reports to PDF or Excel
  • Choose between graphs, figures, tables etc.
  • Export to Excel, PDF, CSV, XML etc.

Filtering and sorting

All time registrations can be entered into user-friendly reports across customers, projects, employees, periods etc.

A central report generator ensures that the user can compile his or her own reports and extracts.

The report generator also provides the opportunity to compile data in bar and pie charts.

The solution also includes special reports for different purposes.
These include flex reports, EU hourly reports, weekly reports, portfolios, detailed project reports, to name just a few.

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