Do you spend to much time in Excel?

The interesting thing about getting out and presenting EazyProject for different companies is that Excel is still the glue in incredibly much project management.

What we are experiencing is that there are many companies that have become acquainted with larger and heavier solutions and have therefore remained in an Excel sheet.

Initially, this gives a fine overview of a project, but when the number of employees, resource management or the changes comes on the projects, the process begins to become extremely time-consuming work with.

“With EazyProject, your projects are always up to date.”

Dette er én af de problemstillinger, som EazyProject løser. Vi leverer flere brugerløsninger i et visuelt projektmiljø, som gør det lynende let at omplanlægge eller justere sine projekter, og holde fokus på om man når sine opgaver til tiden.

This is one of the issues that EazyProject addresses. We deliver several user solutions in a visual project environment, which makes it lightning easy to reschedule or adjust its projects, and keep focus on whether one achieves its tasks on time.